Monday, February 18, 2013



I spent a sweet time with a friend Friday night. One whom I can say has become a tremendous godly friend and a sweet encouragement to me the last few years. We got to talking about EVERYTHING! You know those moments when you are with a friend and your conversation goes a million miles per hour? Yup, that was our conversation. The best part was that our husbands were standing a few hundred feet away keeping an eye on all our munchkins at the park. And, even better part---we were the only people at the park! Well, back to the conversation….we got onto the topic of marriage. Seems silly, being the day after Valentine’s day, right? But, after I got home, the Lord truly used our “in the dark, park conversation” to get me to realize how truly blessed I am to be in the “perfect” marriage!

You may say, “Perfect, Molly? You are a little proud aren’t ya?” Honestly, I am in the “perfect” relationship! I am married to the man that God intended for me to be with and He wants me to give my all no matter what! While I know NO marriage is perfect, it can and, by God’s grace, always be a feat in which we seek to work toward. What a joy Heaven will be, and I for one, look forward to it’s perfection so much more every day on this earth!

Amidst my daily failures I have a man that still loves me, encourages me, and I know—prays for me! Do you pray for your spouse? I have come to realize especially over the last few years that my marriage and it’s direction is greatly affected by ME! What a joy to know that our marriages can grow closer together as we grow closer to Christ. When you are quick to jump off the crazy cycle and jump on the cycle God desires, life & marriage is that much sweeter. While I will say, our marriage is not perfect, it has grown much and I know has much growth ahead. But, how can any marriage be perfect when a marriage is with 2 imperfect individuals?

Back to the conversation…we talked a little about dating, broken homes, and so much more, and the whole time I wanted to just jump up and down rejoicing in what I have! It was a great eye opener again, and a moment that I needed especially for what lay ahead the remainder of the weekend.

I know that God’s love is what we ought to exemplify and I pray, dear friends, that you are striving to love HIS way whether in your marriage, ministry, or friendships.

I know this post seems to go in a million directions all at once, but that’s okay, because sometimes that’s just how it comes out. I am so thankful that God was merciful enough to give me a man that truly loves God with his whole heart. And that is reflected in how he treats and loves me! I am very much ) (: