Thursday, February 21, 2013


IMG_1644 IMG_1645

I am anxiously awaiting the beautiful weather and sunshine that spring and summer days bring! My list of to dos is increasing every day, and I think I’m just gonna drag everything out to the back yard and tackle some projects all at the same time!  I had a little bit of time this past weekend to chop some stuff up with the saw and touch some stuff up. I’ve been meaning to cut down my little canning shelf since I found it at the side of the road. But, you know how it is when you put something into place and the thought of emptying it and actually conquering the task can be daunting? Those were my thoughts too.

So, Andrew helped me empty all my canned goods and I went to work with a hammer, saw, and sander! I Love how it turned out and it fits perfectly on top of our little “made to work” pantry!

IMG_1646 IMG_1647

I purchased a ton of fruit last weekend too for 99 cents each. It was super fun to can strawberry jelly the same day it snowed almost 2 inches here in North Carolina! Andrew woke up early on Saturday morning and did it all with me. He was pretty pumped that he got to make strawberry jelly too. We tried it later that day and I told him it was the best jelly I’ve ever had! Talk about heart melting---he came running to me with the biggest grin and gave me a huge hug. Love my big helpers and these moments are treasured. He also helped put some red cloth on our “junk” drawers to make them a bit more bearable to look at! Oh, and do you see that empty laundry basket? It pretty much stays empty in this house---yay! Glad I’ve tackled the “hate for laundry” attitude.

Hope your Thursday is a happy and Christ-filled one. Thanks for reading, friends.