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Friday, February 22, 2013

The “hated” question

I am a stay at home mom and I LOVE it! I do have a one day a week evening job, but my littles are already in bed when I leave (yes, they go to bed at 7:30). Anyhow, I hear this question all too often

….”What do you do at home all day?”

Really? is usually my first response! I wanna give the list; you know, like this one…..sort the clothes (turn clothes the right way), wash the clothes, fold the clothes, put the clothes away, make the laundry soap, plan the menu, make the meals (at least 3 x’s a day), sweep the floors, wash the table, wash 4 sweet little faces, change diapers (at least 12 times in a day), make beds (I have 5, but thankful to train my littles to do their own) organize closets, dressers, drawers, and EVERYTHING, scrub 2 toilets every day, mop floors, vacuum, dust, take children to school or pick up children from school, grocery shopping (at least 3 stores with coupons), make sure children are dressed appropriately, brush 4 individuals hair, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, supervise piano practice, supervise homework, listen to both of my children read their reading assignment, supervise Master club studying, crafts together, baking, cleaning, baths, and the list could continue!!!!

I kind of laugh out loud when the question is asked to me. While I must and am very gracious in my response I so want to clobber the asker! ha ha

But, then the Lord reminds me of the blessing and opportunity I have to stay at home. I know that there are many ladies who would truly love to stay home but cannot for various reasons.

So, as you run through your list of daily chores, my friends, count them as blessings. When you must clean the muddy floors after little bare feet run through on your already cleaned floors, don’t get uptight, remember those little feet won’t be little much longer.

Enjoy the moments and treasure the gift you have in being able to stay within the walls of your own home. It is a ministry and ought to be your castle.

I am thankful today for the “mundane” daily tasks that contribute to the functioning of my own home!



  1. Maybe the challenge for some people is the fact that somehow, they get most of this done, yet still work. I am not saying that a SAHM is an easy job, at all, or that working moms are able to do the same things as well as you do (you are amazing) but as someone who works about 6 hours a day at home, I know that I wonder what people who don't "work" do with their time all day. Of course, my house is a mess, all the time, because I am working, not cleaning, so I guess i am not doing my job well. I do think the question is insensitive and implies that being a SAHM is a cakewalk, which it is not, but I think I know where it comes from.

  2. So, Molly. . . what do you do all day??? Hahaha! Totally understand! People used to tell us stuff we needed to do in our "spare time" as if that is a luxury that someone who doesn't work outside the home automatically has. LOL! : ) Our response was to look at them with a puzzled look and say, "What's that?!?" Of course, I'm forced into a little more free time lately, but can sympathize to a degree. Next time someone asks, just tell them you're looking for an intern or an apprentice. : )