Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Ever feel like you do so much and stay so busy that you’d think you’d be as thin as a twig? That has totally been my thought the last week and a half. But, alas, I still struggle keeping off the pounds.

I watched  a sweet sister in Christ lose her husband to Heaven last week. Even after visiting, praying, and throwing a game night with the two older boys, it seems like so little. What a joy to know though that Mr. Coffey is with Jesus and his sweet little baby Grace. Please continue to lift this dear family before the Throne of Grace.

Saturday was our annual marriage seminar. This was a ministry that Brian and I both really were burdened about last year and were blessed to help the Ogles organize it. When they asked if we would do it again this year, we were excited to say Absolutely.  It was a GREAT blessing in every possible way. We had almost double the number of couples than we did last year, and this is only the second year we have done this. I was truly challenged by great messages, fellowship with other believers, and practical teaching from godly men of God. The lunch date alone with my man was extra special too. I am so thankful for all those college kids and teens that helped me with childcare and putting the food baskets together. I am excited to implement many of the truths we learned into our marriage this year. If you are free next year you should totally convince your hubby to come---you won’t go away the same!

Brian and I have been doing a date jar similar to what Laine did at and we LOVE it. Tuesday nights seem to be our only night free, so that is when our dates shall be! We played Take Two last night over sparkling pink lemonade and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

After Ella was sick for over 2 weeks, I am proud to say the Doctor gave her a clean bill of health this morning. She left the office with 4 shots though, but glad she is doing so much better. It will be nice when those pearly whites finally show themselves. She is sitting up now and absolutely LOVES to eat! Hmmm, that’s a Swaffer for ya, huh?

Well, I didn’t have time to post a huge one today, because I had an afternoon out alone and must get my littles ready for church. Join me tomorrow to see my “new” kitchen table!