Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine’s Recap

The kids and I had fun coming up with our own creative valentines this year. I am sure there are things out there like this, but we three sat down and came up with it together. Andrew’s was my favorite, because he got a light bulb look when he thought of giving a glow stick and said, you light me up! I loved it and we ran with it. They did everything alone and seemed to really enjoy it. Chloe and I came up with “you blow me away” and added a thing of bubbles on each valentine. It was fun to watch them get creative, like the bubbles and the paper choices.

I had fun making their little snack to take to each of their classmates. I found these mini sand buckets and shovels at Sandy’s Christmas and grabbed a few packages of the valentine candy corn! Chloe helped me make little signs with stickers saying, “We dig you!”

I loved how it turned out, but I mostly LOVED spending time with both of them and being creative together.

  IMG_1577   IMG_1580  IMG_1582 IMG_1583

My little sweeties picked out heart shirts and enjoyed matching at church on Wednesday Ella’s was a little different, but all the colors coordinated. I love that when it happens (I am sure you’ve figured that much out by now!).IMG_1593 Wednesday was what our youth group calls CCCC  (counterfeit caring couples contest). It is always tons of fun and I enjoyed heading up the food aspect. We grabbed several bags of chips and dips and I LOVED making tons of chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cake balls, and my peanut butter pies (mini version). We filled a few jars with other valentine candy too.

IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1599

Recipe for the peanut butter pie will be coming up sometime soon!