Monday, March 25, 2013

Do you do your best in ALL areas?


Seems like a strange picture, right? It is! Do you see it? Do you see the lack of doing one’s best? Do you see the result of someone who didn’t care? I had gotten an email from Ruby Tuesday for free birthday cupcakes. When I surprised my hubby with a trip to the driving range last week, I thought we could grab a salad at Ruby Tuesdays and get a free yummy dessert. When the cupcakes were brought to the table I actually laughed out loud! Really, I did! I had the courtesy to wait til the waitress walked away, but I could not help it! Talk about unprofessional! I think my 2 year old could ice a cupcake better than that.

As I stared at this picture this morning the Lord brought my life before my eyes. Lately especially I have struggled with just not giving my all in areas. May I be honest….I’ve just plain struggled lately. There is SO much that I cannot even begin to communicate on this blog or even in person for one way or another, but I have found myself often just wanting to throw in the towel and sleep all day or just beg for another week to be done. I am in no way sanctioning that method, and to be perfectly honest, it’s sin. Even amidst my life frustrations I can still give praise to God and allow Him to create a beautiful pattern in my frosting. You mean even when you cry all day and struggle daily you can look like a perfect carrot cake cupcake with nicely squeezed on cream cheese frosting? Yup! My God continually reminds me that “His way is perfect,” “He makes no mistakes,” and so many other wonderful promises. What a joy to know that God will never give me more than I can handle with His help and grace. And, even in those fires that we feel will just brutally annihilate us, we can get through those fires and be as gold!

I’m human and struggle. I am faced with a future of absolute uncertainty, yet I must be still and know that He is God and He has great plans for lil’ ole me! The same is true for you, my friend! He is not putting you through the fire without a huge purpose and plan. It’s hard to be within those flames though and be able to see the bright side through all the smoke, tears, unbearable pain, and more. But, God’s promises will not go up in smoke and He alone is the ONE whom we can depend upon. That’s a pretty awesome promise especially because man fails us often. It’s a huge security knowing that my God will NEVER leave me nor forsake me!

I am so glad that God didn’t take the frosting and just throw it on a spoon and place a huge glob on the top of this cupcake. He is carefully squeezing that frosting into a pattern. Amidst that pattern is pain, sorrow, uncertainty, and more. But even in those patterns there remains faith, trust, blessings, joy, grace, strength and more!

Are you allowing God to squeeze your frosting on the way HE desires, or are you bucking every step of the way resulting in absolute frustrations and a really ugly cupcake? I pray whatever trial or situation you are facing that you will leave the frosting decorating to our Almighty God and watch Him make you a more beautiful cupcake than you ever thought you could be! I am praying I can leave that to the Lord too. Because, all too often, I find myself wanting to grab that decorating bag back and do my own little patterns---but it always results in failure.

Have a blessed day letting God do the frosting!