Friday, March 8, 2013

Losing Heart- Luke 15

(the below is completely the notes I took from Tuesday night’s general session by Morris Gleiser. Might I add, that I have utmost respect for this man of God for MANY reasons? It was under his preaching and his loving me that God drew me to Himself amidst an inward rebellious stage. It was under this man’s preaching and LOVE for teenagers that helped me to realize my need to be fully surrendered to the Lord.)
Luke 15
More importantly than the physical well0being of an individual is the spiritual well-being of that soul.
The Lord was known as a friend of sinners! (hmm, something He showed me and burdened me about before I came to the Wilds)
Jesus never compromised truth, He was straight forward, He spoke with grace, but He was a friend of sinners! God, help us to each have a heart of compassion.
It’s not paperwork, it’s people work. We are missing a key ingredient------HEART! (wow)
If you don’t have love(heart) you are nothing!
Luke 15:20 says And he arose, and came to his father. But, when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck and kissed him.
Here the Lord is telling the story of the prodigal son and the heart his father had for him despite the agony, hurt and absolute rebellion his precious son had shown.
What an overwhelming picture of love. Who is it that you represent? CHRIST
We aren’t just to give it, but to live it and love it too. Kids long for what is real and if we aren’t being real with them, we have failed.
Once they got a taste of who Jesus was they kept following Him! Do you have a divine heart beat. Are others seeing Christ’s love in and through you and wanting to flock toward you at every chance they have?
I. Spirit of Expectancy (vs. 20) He was looking for him. No one will want to be in an atmosphere that is insecure, negative, judgmental, and boring. We represent the Father of heaven. Are you running to embrace others?
II. Spirtual Exhortation –the prodigal son got a voice of hope from his father who loved him still.
You ought to be communicating with your eyes and words to your teens/adults that there is hope. We have never committed too much sin that God will not forgive or stop using you once you have repented.
III. Saturated Environment
What if teens saw that God was crazy about them? What if they knew that God quickly forgives? What if they knew that God loves them even in the far country?

(My friends, are you loving those in the far country? Are you loving those who are battling victory over sin? Are you loving the godly kid too? Are you LOVING with HEART? I have watched God do some mighty things in my life over the years, but none like this. I have seen Him pull a blinder off my eyes and see some things for what they really are. I have stepped back into my own shoes as a struggling Christian and have dropped to my knees begging my Friend to help me love. Not just love, but to LOVE as Christ loves me! What an overwhelming thought that I am to be reflecting HIM. What a shame to say that I have not always done this and for those of you sweet friends who are reading this, I am truly sorry! I am walking/running away from these truths with a fervency to love as Christ loves with a divine heart beat)