Friday, March 22, 2013

Recent crafts

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My little ones participated in the Master Club Jamboree last week and did an exceptional job! Chloe did a craft and a poem and Andrew did tons! He got 3 first place, 2 second place and a third place ribbons. When we were approached regarding the crafts and such we really wanted to have the kids make something that they could use and wouldn’t just be “another” little craft that would easily get wrecked and thrown away. Andrew Loved building his missionary prayer box with his daddy. Brian had saved some wood from our old piano 2 years ago for a fun project. Andrew did such a great job and seemed to really enjoy the time with his daddy and building something. I gave him a rag and a bowl of stain and he stained it all by himself. He took first place medal in this category!

Chloe’s craft was fun too. She wanted to do something with missionary prayer cards, so we chose to make a board for them. She helped me make he last bow holder, so I knew she could easily do it all on her own. She picked out a big frame at Goodwill for $1.99 and a can of Watermelon pink spray paint along with a piece of purple foam, 2 kinds of ribbon, and mini clothespins.

She sprayed the entire thing all by herself and cut the ribbons and glued it all together. I had to help her put the clothespins on because they were so little. She loved it and was excited to get a 3rd place ribbon in that category.

It is fun to be creative with my littles and I cherish the times we have to do fun things like this together.

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I am so glad it’s Friday! Guess just because it means another week is done. Hope you all have a great weekend.