Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Training children can be quite difficult and plain exhausting, BUT so worth it in the end! I took this picture for many reasons. I watched our 2 year old have an attitude to her daddy after he told her to do something. Honestly, it wasn’t a huge attitude just more a quiet rebellious one that you could simply see in her eyes and her body language. It wasn’t an outright temper throw a fit style, but it was SIN! You know that icky, ugliness that seeps from each of our wicked hearts? Yes, my little ones are infested with it, and so are their parents.

But, I watched my sweet husband calmly lift her on his lap and give her a hug. He lovingly grabbed the Word of God and began reading verses to her about rebellion, honoring, attitude and more! She sat there quietly and perfectly still (totally doesn’t happen often) listening to her Daddy respond in a God-honoring way. After he read and explained things I saw the sweetest response from a 2 year old ever. She gave her daddy a hug and said sorry. Those words hit home too often for me. Seems like I never get through an hour of the day where I don’t have to say sorry to my Lord or my family. It can be frustrating and defeating, but I have a loving Father who continually takes me on His lap and lovingly rebukes me and reminds me of His plan and commands for me. Yet, all too often we throw our “fits” and “tempter tantrums" saying that we don’t deserve that trial or things are too tough to handle.

This picture was convicting to me in many ways. It reminded me that I have an incredibly godly and consistent husband who doesn’t believe it’s just my job to take care of our kids. I saw Christ in and through his actions toward our daughter’s sin and offense toward him too. It was a reminder to lovingly confront my children’s, teen’s, friend’s sins in a way that they see my love for them, but also my love for Christ. It reminded me too of my need to sit still in my Father’s lap as He reads out His will for me and as He rebukes me and begs me to be right with Him before jumping down and running in my own ways. Lastly, it reminded me that this is what life is about…it is about bringing Glory to God Almighty even in our disciplining. Do our children see Christ in and through us even when we are disciplining? Honestly, I don’t think my little ones see it as much as I should be showing. I am praying that this photo and the story within will remind me that God wants me to be like Him in every way and through every circumstance!

Off to more wonderful sessions!

Sit sill in His lap today, my friends! Remember His desire for you is far greater than what you could ever dream.