Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crazy days

IMG_1435 IMG_1382
Seems like a whirlwind of life lately. Hard to believe it’s been a week since Awards banquet and the crazy 3 days of preparation! And, amidst making 200 éclairs, prepping the family style meal for our church, decorating, and such, our bathroom had to get a facelift. If you hadn’t heard 2 weeks before (only days after our new sink was installed) we discovered a horrendous leak. We are rejoicing that the insurance company has already sent us a check for the repairs. My hubby opted to do the majority of the work himself and save some of that money to remove and replace all the insulation under the house. So, after the late nights of banquet prep my hubby came home and replaced flooring and laid some beautiful tile. Things are not complete, but that is okay! At least we have a toilet and a shower to use especially since we have been enjoying some sweet friends with us the last several days.
IMG_1388   IMG_1391
This is what happens to a 7 year old who spends 3 almost full days in a church nursery! They were so good and so helpful though! And the picture on the right is of Andrew helping Clarence Moore put up the iron wall’s wire. It was so fun to watch my little man help. And, what a joy that Clarence took the time to let him, because we all know Clarence can do things 100x’s faster than anyone!
Andrew and Chloe helped me pick the sticks for the mason jars to add a bit of forest to our underground church themed tables. And, another news flash….. PI GAMMA won!! We are so thankful for the team the Lord gave us this year and thrilled to see how God worked in many of their hearts.