Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daily tips to a “put together” home

Honestly, the first thing you really need to do is to find a home for everything! If there is no home it becomes clutter. And, you and I both know what happens with it-----it becomes a pile on the counter, a stuffed drawer, an armload of junk that gets grabbed and dumped in a closet when a friend calls to “warn” you she is on her way to your house, and just a big mess. I firmly believe that if this step isn’t taken the daily tasks will seem of no avail.

So, start by finding a home for everything! You will most likely want to have a LARGE trash bag in hand, because you will notice many of those items that were just “sitting around” are junk and not worth creating a home for it.

This task may seem more daunting and HUGE for some than others, but don’t lose hope, you can do it. Once this step is complete the daily task will be quick and easy and the “deep cleans” won’t take long either.

I surface clean my home every morning! This usually takes me about 15-30 minutes. Yes, I only live in a bit over a 1,200 sq ft home, so this task may take you longer if you have a larger home. Can I say too that I am not a drill sergeant in this area too. I have missed a day here or there and it is not the end of the world. When I have company too, I do things a bit differently so as to not ignore my friends or family. But, daily tasks are important especially to keep your surface clean and it helps you notice the things that need the extra cleaning too.

  • Tidy up whatever may be out of place

If you do this each morning before tackling any other chores it will cut the time down when you are doing the rest.

  • Make your bed

Don’t leave your bedroom without making your bed if at all possible. Our bedrooms should always be “put together” so to speak. This room is the sanctuary in our castle for ourselves and if married, for our husbands and marriage. Don’t be quick to use your bedroom as the collect all and dumping ground. Unfortunately, all too often, this is the case in many homes. I am saddened that women are quick to shut their bedroom door because of the MESS and because they are embarrassed to have their not so much “sanctuary” seen. One of the easiest way to avoid this is to make your bed. Seems silly, huh? Try it, you won’t be sorry. It’s nice to always walk in at any time of the day and it be clean and tidy. There are many ways to make a bed and you might just be able to find the fastest way possible if you give it a try. 1-2 minutes in the morning can make a world of difference in the look of your bedroom!

  • Vacuum or sweep each room

This is one that people laugh at me about. That’s okay, I let ‘em laugh. This was a chore I grew up doing all through childhood. I am the 2nd oldest of 9 children and from as long as I can remember my momma split the chores for all of us to help with. I remember thinking that once I was by myself or with little kids this task could NEVER happen. My friends, can I say, it can happen and it is possible. I have never missed this task in my daily routine, because I can’t! There is too much dirt and nastiness to be seen if I skip this. It takes me only a few minutes to run the vacuum through the house and sweep the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and front porch. It definitely could be a HUGE task and one day I’m sure I will have a larger house (maybe even 2 story) and it will take me longer. Remember though, if you have homes for everything vacuuming and sweeping will be just that and not a huge task of picking up a bunch of junk and clearing away piles before completing this task.

  • Wipe down the bathrooms

Cleaning a bathroom doesn’t have to be a 30 minute task, you know that right? I guarantee you it takes about 5 minutes if that if you do a quick wipe down each day. I grab my handy dandy homemade all purpose cleaner and wipe down the mirror, sink, toilet, and tub each day. Then, once a week I scrub it down, baseboards included. It just helps me keep up with kids messes, dribbles here and there, and my hated thing---hair! I hate hair with a passion! lol

Andrew and Chloe are getting pretty good at this task too. I can foresee Chloe is going to be like her mommy by LOVING to clean bathrooms. It’s always fun to turn around and see firsthand what your few minutes of cleaner can do to a room.

My bathroom is not always up to par in the sense of a deep clean, but daily wiping it down really helps keep up and never allows it to get very nasty!

  • Empty trash cans

Do you have little trash cans scattered through your home? Thankfully we just have them in the bathroom and one under the desk and then the big one in the kitchen. It’s okay if they are not full, just grab out the trash and throw them out. This just helps there never to be overflowing trash.

I think this may be one of those tasks that is not totally necessary, but it’s one of those that I like doing. You may have some of those in your home too.

  • Do 1 load of laundry (at least)- fold and put away

This has revolutionized my laundry and it is not as daunting as letting it pile up. YES, I am human and sometimes let this one fall by the wayside, but doing a load of day keeps the mountains away!

If you do this every day, the big cleans really don't take long at all. I do not dust daily, but often when I’m picking up and wiping down other things I take notice of the dust factor and dust accordingly.

I know that there are still a ton of chores that I have not mentioned, but start with these few daily tasks and see if it helps you. If not, figure out something that will help you get on top of the surface clean first and then you can get to the deep cleans and such.

Come back tomorrow and see one thing that has helped me with “drop-in” company or any company for that matter. Then, Thursday I will share a few recipes of cleaners I use. And, Friday I will wind it up with how to clean with children and their part in a clean home.

Now, jump up and go make your bed---and make sure you start teaching your littles they need to make theirs too! It’s as much their home as yours.