Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friends= Blessings

I know, it has been almost a week since my last post! I am sorry, but honestly, I have had tons going on and blogging seemed to be the last on the list. Did you enjoy the series on the home? I pray it was a blessing and helped some of you in some way. Any other suggestions on series for me to blog about? I actually LOVED doing the last one and thought it would be fun to do another soon. We have had visitors, movers, extra kids, way too much sicknesses (2 more ear infections again), youth activities, and changed works schedules. So, that is why this week’s posts have been nothing.

It has been a rough week of saying goodbye to sweet friends AGAIN! I know this is life, but it doesn’t make it easier. I am so thankful that God has given me such precious treasures in my friends. My heart is continually overflowing with love and appreciation for what my friends have contributed to helping me be who I am today.


Last Wednesday through Friday morning we enjoyed having Aunt Mimi and Uncle here. It certainly wasn’t long enough, but it never will be. What an awesome encouragement they were to me in so many ways. We enjoyed going out for lunch, Discovery Place, late night games, and lots of talking. We are excited about what God is doing in their ministry in New York.

Last week I enjoyed a few times of watching the Hefner kiddos while their parents packed their house and did some projects. Our kiddos loved this time together and I did too despite the craziness! Then, Sunday, I enjoyed heading up a surprise going away party for them after the morning service. It was tons of fun and a wonderful time of fellowship. It was hard to say goodbye on Monday and then after they left another friend and I went over and cleaned the empty house. Talk about awful for sure----not their house, but being there cleaning knowing they weren’t coming back. Ugh, I hate emotions, don’t you? Well, we are rejoicing at God’s direction for them and the tremendous ministry they will have in Virginia. This friend, though, is ready to make a 4 hour trip already.

So, that’s just a bit of the happenings going on here in our home. I am catering a luncheon tomorrow so I should probably go do some more prep. Would love to hear any suggestions for the next series. Thanks for following!