Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Home….My Ministry


I wanted to start this mini series with a perspective! This perspective was something my godly momma taught all of her 8 girls---Our home is my ministry! You know as you are growing up you listen, but don’t necessarily understand some of those important perspectives or lessons? It wasn’t until I got married and had my first little house that I FULLY understood what she meant. Growing up I loved to clean, cook, host gatherings, and organize ANYTHING and EVERTYTHING! It has definitely been easier for me through the years because of that love and desire. So, anything I say on this post or the next few is not because I know it all nor are my ways the only ways. The ways and things that have helped me have been helpful for me. They may not for you, but I pray that it would maybe allow you to develop the things that work best for you, your family, your ministry, and your schedule.

Our first little home was 4 little rooms and I mean LITTLE!! It was the tiniest house ever, I think, but it was so cute and it became our home for a little over a year! My schedule then was totally not what it is now and I worked a full time job just like my husband. So, home things were done in the evening or on the weekend. We were involved at church, but nothing like we are now, and at the time we were without children. So, can I say, that my “plan of action” has changed much over the years. Now I am living in a little over 1200 square footage of a home, huge yard, 4 children, part-time job, and am very busy as a youth leader at our church. Not to mention that I am a wife and enjoy weekly dating my man!

It’s easy to say we are too busy….with life… to keep our home comfortable, clean, and cared for for our family and friends. I’ve often been asked what I do all day. Seriously? If only they knew. But, the more I thought of my response the more I became aware of other ladies/moms just like me. And, I was concerned with that very question---What are they doing all day? Their kids looked exhausted, their clothes are filthy, their homes are heaps of messes, laundry is spilling out everywhere, dishes are piled high, and the list can go on. I have found that many women have just never been taught that their home is to be their castle! That’s what my momma always said, and I believe it 100%! It’s our castle and it’s our families castle too. Shame on us if our husbands walk in the door and want to turn around and walk back out because of what he is met with at the front door.

Can I begin this series by those of you who were never taught, who don’t know where to start, who are overwhelmed with dirty diapers and piles of laundry----it’s not too late to start. It never is! I would love to help you step by step, but you must first change your perspective to be that your home is your ministry. Are you giving God 100% with what He alone has given to you? We are commanded to do all to the glory of God; even scrubbing those bathroom floors and those nasty toilets.

It’s not about what Sally does next door or what the next best blog says, it’s what God says! He expects our best for Him in ALL areas. Are you willing to make changes within your home if it will better glorify God? I know change can be overwhelming at times, and if it is change on our parts that involves work, scheduling and more work, it can be something that is put off. Let’s not put it off anymore and lets treat our homes the way God desires of us. I’ll do it with ya! See you back tomorrow for some helpful daily hints that can be fairly easy and quick.