Thursday, April 4, 2013

Supplies and organizing other chores

I have enjoyed making lots of homemade cleaners instead of buying it off the shelves for ridiculous prices. I think I use all homemade stuff except fragrance sprays, and I actually enjoy the incense sticks better than sprays anyhow.  Making it all homemade has helped with my cleaning business too. Here are a few of my favorite homemade recipes. 

1 part Dawn Dish Soap
1 part Vinegar ( warm vinegar and then add the soap)
Spray directly on shower or sink and let sit for a little bit. Rinse off and see the shine!

Also, if you want a great stain remover use 1 part Blue Dawn dish soap and 2 parts peroxide!! It’s awesome!
3 bars of Fels Naptha soap, large box of Baking Soda, large box of Super Washing Soda, and a large box of Borax. 1 container of oxi clean (optional)
Grate the soap and then mix all the rest together! Love this stuff! 
5 Tablespoons Mrs. Meyer’s Clean day and fill the spray bottle with water the rest of the way!
I love this stuff and it is super easy to mix up and smells amazing.
You may ask, “What about all the other tasks within the home?” Like dusting, windows, cleaning fridge and freezer, and more. Friends, I do those things, but because I do the normal quick cleans each day, I am able to spot those trouble spot chores before they get too out of hand. When I notice those things during my daily simple cleans I jot it down or just tackle it that day. My windows definitely need to be done, and I am planning on doing that today, when I finish this post. I am not going to say I have a detailed schedule for each of the other chores, but that is what works for me. I don’t necessarily need to have a day that I clean the fridge, windows, and other such. That may be what works best for you though, and if so, make your list and stick to it! I do clean my fridge and freezer the morning of or night before my grocery shopping, if that helps. I am glad my littles are old enough to tackle the big projects with me too. Now, I can just hand them the rag or give them instructions and it gets done with a bit of supervising. Looking forward to sharing some tips on teaching our littles tomorrow.
I am sorry if that doesn’t answer every question, but thought I’d be honest with you and let you know this is what works for me. Have a blessed “clean” day!