Friday, May 31, 2013

Life as I love it!

Sure am enjoying the warm weather and constant excitement that my littles bring to my life. We have had a blast at water parks, my sister’s pool, swinging at the park, chalk fun, and so much more! It is going to begin to get a bit crazy next week for several weeks in a row, but I still love it.
Last week my mom and I hit a ton of Goodwills/thrift stores & Dig ‘n Save Goodwill! And, yes, we had a blast! I was spoiled for sure, and we were both able to find some pretty amazing things. Check out the dolce gabbanna purse we found for $14!! They go for over $1,000! The diaper bag is the $100 one I found at the Dig ‘n Save in Greenville. I also found an adorable duvet cover for Ella’s bed when she is big enough.It is the one I had looked at Ikea, but didn’t want to spend the money. I figured out that I paid around 62 cents for it!!!
We wracked up on some pretty amazing clothing from some EXPENSIVE brands too and spent very little money. We filled a large garbage can at the Dig ‘n save and spent $21 total! I think I got 4 cute jackets, 5 shirts, 2 pair of pants, and tons more for myself and the littles, and mom got lots too.We found these fun felt table runners that my mom gave me an idea to use in the girls room on their beds. The kids love them and it ties in the blue color well. And, yes, the blue lantern was a target find at Goodwill---it was actually one of those wants on my list.  I am always on the look out for fun organizational boxes or baskets and the two I found were Target finds at Goodwill. I loved the pink and the polka dot look. They are currently holding Ellas clothes and are much handier than what I had there before. If any of my local friends are near Cornelius they have the best Goodwill!  All in all our shopping trips were awesome last week.
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Any fun finds for you lately?