Wednesday, May 29, 2013

“Monday” Morning Musings

I know, I’m a few mornings off, but life in these here parts has been CRAZY!! I did wake up Monday morning will full intention to do some blogging, but who wants to blog when you have your hubby and littles home all day with not a thing in the world to “have” to do? “Not I!” says this tired lady. Despite the intentions and lack of actually following through, I did have several long moments of meditating throughout the day on Monday. Partly due to my horrible attitude and lack of kindness. I am so thankful that my loving God convicted me about it and gave me the strength to swallow my pride and seek forgiveness. He always seems to do that at just the right moments, doesn’t He? Well, He did for me on Monday and I had a much better day after I dealt with some things.
It was a joy having my momma here last week. I soaked her in like a sponge in every way. She is always a true picture of godliness and is constantly, lovingly reminding me of my sin and my need to be more like Jesus. We enjoyed doing a little study together and I started a thankfulness journal last Wednesday morning. I am amazed how much happier I am if I thank Jesus for All things. You know the things that seemingly picture negative? Like disciplining a child? I remember Wednesday morning having to deal with one of my littles. Part way through I hung my head and cried to God, “Lord, help me!! I am struggling and I so desire to be the mommy that she sees You through.” It was then in the stillness that I realized that there was something to be thankful for even in this difficult time. You may wonder, what? These are the gifts/things God gave me through that moment that I jotted down in my thankful journal:
A child to hold in my arms
An opportunity to teach Jesus through the lessons of everyday disobedience and situations
The privacy of our home
God’s Word that I can run to for guidance in training
Moments of prayer with my little
Chunky arms wrapped tightly around my neck
My sight in which I can see those tears of sadness from my little so that I too can realize the tears He must shed for me every time I disobey or disrespect Him.
It was amazing to watch God orchestrate church services on Sunday! We have been studying hope in the teen classes and God has given me wonderful lessons to work on as I have prepared for teaching the last few weeks. This weeks just hit close to home and I was able to encourage the girls to buy a journal and begin writing down the things they are thankful to God for every day! It is becoming a habit now and I am loving it. My mind is quickly geared toward trying to find the gifts and focus on those and it is increasing my joy. Then, our pastor preached on thankfulness in the morning service. Guess the Lord knew I needed a little ounce of encouragement to keep on.
God is good all of the time and I am so thankful for this Wednesday morning! I have the privilege of seeing a good friend again today and will have fun watching her littles as they close on their house.
We are excited too to see the Lord opening some doors for our family. There is much to pray about, but we are thrilled to see how the Lord leads and opens/slams doors. It is, by His Grace, that we remain faithful in the Here and Now!
Praying your Wednesday is cheerful and a day filled to the brim with thanksgiving!