Thursday, May 30, 2013

My $15 Chairs redo

My mom wanted to tackle a project with me while she was here. Since the bathroom isn’t quite ready for a paint we opted to wire brush the “patio” chairs I got at our annual yard sale last October. You can read about my finds here Yard sale chairs
My sweet hubby ran out and got us some heavy duty wire brush adapters for his power drills and we brushed away!! It was hot, sweaty, and hard work, but I love the almost final project! I need to get one more can of spray paint since we bought the rest that Walmart had and it wasn’t enough. Definitely enjoying sitting on them without brown and green paint flaking off in my lap.
Do you see my pretty roses? It just so happens that I kill all plants even ferns, but I’ve managed to plant and keep 4 rose bushes alive. Seems silly, but I love my roses!