Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Amazing Grace is free for the taking!

It’s “Grace Day” today and I am feeling an insurmountable amount of it each and every day! God has been so good to me over the years and has used the last 2 years especially to make me cling to that Grace so much more. God has taught me so many lessons in the area of forgiveness, contentment, kindness, patience, love, and most importantly the need for prayer! I certainly have not arrived and would say that I am the chiefest of sinners within the walls of our home. Yet, God is bigger than me and He alone can start and finish a great work in and through even me! I am longingly looking forward to seeing His hand in our future.
Today’s list of thankfulness:
  • My husband—He is a true leader in our home, marriage, and within the ministries God has given him. He is faithful in God’s Word and in looking to Him for direction. He is my example of patience and stedfast love. He is my very best friend & I wouldn’t trade him for anything.
  • My children—They continue to give me reason to run to God each day. The responsibility I have with them is sobering and challenging. The precious moments I have with all 4 of them thrills my heart.
  • God’s Word—His Word is my daily map for living. And, while at times I have failed to seek this map it is amidst those times my life will fall apart. What a wonderful privilege we have to search the Scriptures for ourselves.
  • Prayer—Running to the throne of Grace at any moment is a tremendous and life-changing gift that I have grasped ahold of especially in the last 2 years. I wouldn’t trade the conversations with my loving Jesus for a million bucks! He has listened to many hours of babbling, hurt, emotions, cries for help and strength. Yet, He always gives an answer and it is always the best one I could ever receive!
  • Lessons—While the lessons haven’t always been enjoyable and I have in NO way arrived they have been life-changing for me over the years. He has taught me many lessons in thankfulness, contentment, His direction, the hurt caused by others, kindness, patience, prayer, and mostly-- true forgiveness…Choice or Learning
  • Friends who stuck with me—the Lord has given me a few precious friends that have remained my rocks and true sources of encouragement over the years.
  • Hope—We just completed a 5 week Sunday school series on Hope. I can say that it was the best series I have ever taught in my life and I learned so much. What an overwhelming truth it is to know that my hope is in Christ alone amidst Any situation.
  • Future Change—Many have heard in passing that we are prayfully considering a few ministries. It has not been the easiest of decisions, but we know that the Lord will give true peace and direction whether it is one of these or another. We are looking forward to change and our littles are already preparing to move closer to grandparents (lol) It is completely in the beginning stages, but we would appreciate prayers for clear direction and provision in where He would have us serve.
I look forward to yet another year of constant reminders that God’s grace is freely given and it’s right there for the taking. Praying, that you too, take advantage of the wonderful Grace we have at our fingertips.
I pray, my dear friends, that when God sends the storms of life you too can claim to His truths and run to His throne of grace for every ounce of strength, clear directions, and marvelous hope. What a joy to look over the last year and see what GOD HAS DONE! I give Him the praise for what He alone can do through us wicked sinners!!
Have a blessed day---mine is filled with Amazing Grace!