Monday, June 10, 2013


I am sure you are aware based on the inconsistency in blogging that life in these here parts are CrAzY busy! We have been in a constant state of GO for sometime now. Can I be honest this morning? I am EXHAUSTED! I am not complaining just being real. My hubby turned to me last night and asked in a very kind and quizitive way, “Honey, are you okay?” It was ever so sweet, but I just looked at him and said in a southern type of way, “I’m just plum wore out.”
Seems like a silly way to begin my Monday, and Monday of VBS for sure. But, God has showed me through His Word this morning that I can be “plum wore out” this dreary Monday morning and still have a song in my heart and a pep in my step with His strength! What a wonderful way to start my Monday. I am constantly reminded that ministry is busy. But, it is a tremendous “heart full to the max” kind of day in the Swaffer home. I spray painted a few items I found yard saling this weekend in between showers of rain. Cannot wait to show you the few things I found on the blog tomorrow.
As you run through your busy day remember WHO gave you the day. Remember WHO gave you the opportunities your day will bring. Remember WHO gives all the strength we need to conquer the tasks at hand. And, remember always WHO loves little ‘ole you despite your failures this day! What a Wonderful God we serve. Praying you will serve Him today with all your strength and joy.
I am off with my littles to shop a bit then gonna go bake 150 cupcakes at church for VBS snacks.
Pop back tomorrow and see what I found for cheap!