Monday, June 24, 2013

MMM~Irritation or Blessing?

It’s a “just keepin’ it real” post today!!
I believe my readers may be shocked at this post in more ways than one. But, might I humbly confess to you that I fail often as a mom, wife, child, and daughter of the King! It is a struggle from day to day to run through each moment with abundant joy, patience, love, kindness, and complete trust. Yet, God continuously forgives the wicked sinner that I am and gives me the strength to learn from my constant failures to be better for Him, my husband, and my sweet family. The Lord has made me aware of something I truly believe I have been guilty of for way too long. He used others to show me too, which made it harder, but also made it so obviously disgusting.
7 1/2 years ago the Lord blessed our home with a little man! Andrew Micaiah became our miracle baby and we have watched God do Great and Mighty things in and through him already. He is a true joy in many ways and so much fun. Yet, there is a quality about him that I have watched in horror as others and myself deem as an irritation when in essence might just be his greatest gift. That quality is helpfulness! Seems ridiculous, huh? Seems that way, but it really isn’t. On 3 occasions this past week I stood on the sidelines and encountered the truth. The truth about others and the truth about me---his mommy! I sobbed at the reality that came to life and have spent several times in the last 2 days on my knees begging my forgiveness from my 7 year old.
I watched him  run around trying desperately to help anyone and everyone. From picking up trash, to “saving” another child from a harmless rope, to begging others for something for him to help with, to grabbing a child’s hand to avoid them falling, his attempt to squash flies, and so many other scenarios. I found myself scolding him and making him feel like he was in other’s way instead of praising him for his countless efforts to HELP! I watched others roll their eyes, look down at him, scold him, and get plain irritated with him for “being in their way!” I found myself truly hurt with how he was treated over several days from so many people. Then, God revealed to me that I was doing the very same thing. I was constantly correcting him and telling him to leave others alone instead of kindly teaching him to be a help within balance. Instead of giving him a huge smile and saying, “Thank you, buddy!” I found myself critiquing him how he did that helpful deed wrong! I was the one GUILTY.
What an awful feeling swept over my fainting heart when God revealed the truth to me. Do I treat others children in the same way? Do I treat my friends similarly? Has their helpfulness/encouragement become an irritation to me? Do I respond to the kind actions of others the same way that I have reacted often to my son’s helpfulness? Am I quick to find what he/they have done wrong instead of sincerely thanking them for the gesture of helpfulness?
God has opened my eyes to this and I am begging Him to help me react with praise instead of criticism or plain irritation. Andrew LOVES to help in every way! I am so thankful for that. He has become the best helper with his sisters, cleaning, and so many other things. What a joy the last few days has been when I gave him a big thank you and a hug while saying how much I appreciate his help. He completely melts from excitement when he receives that kind of praise. It is so much better than seeing the look of frustration on his sweet face when we make him feel like he cannot do anything right. I am so guilty of that.
So, do you have a child that absolutely irritates you? Maybe with a ridiculous mannerism or some annoying energy of sorts? Do you find yourself looking at that quality negatively instead of focusing on the positive and the opportunity to teach and then praise? I am running through this week begging God to help me be more positive in my parenting of a 7 year old boy! I have to remember too that he is a boy!!! (I’m sure you know what I mean) I love him dearly and want to be his biggest cheerleader ever and it must start within our own home!