Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

What a delightful time it is on Mondays to look back over the past week and see what God has done! I awoke from sleep this morning for the first time in 5 days without a migraine! Very much rejoicing is going on in this home. Unfortunately they come more often of late, but I am praying that my dentist appointment today may answer some questions.
We enjoyed a wonderful week of VBS last week. With that always comes tons of work and crazy schedules, but the Lord really worked in many lives and we saw 7 children have their names written down in the book of Life! We are very proud of our littles and the incredible effort and diligence they invested into the week as well. All 3 of them won a reward during the final ceremony. Chloe took 4th place overall and Andrew took 2nd! They both got the prize they had their eyes on from the beginning of the week. What a fun way to remind them that God loves them and cares even about the small desires of their hearts---even with a lego kit and a kite.
IMG_2025 IMG_2022 IMG_2028
In planning out my new crazy week, the Lord reminded me that He holds tomorrow in His hands and that when I rest on His strength He will give it. Isn’t that a joy and a great hope knowing that He holds our hands through it all? My husband and I have been teaching teen Sunday school for the last 5 weeks and our subject has been HOPE. Wow! It was the best Sunday school series I’ve ever taught in my life. The practical applications we can see through the book of Malachi are incredible. The hope we have in Christ is beyond describing and gives us every reason for living in light of eternity. Pretty certain that the Lord worked me over more than the teens, but that’s how it should be. It’s reasons like those that I wish I could teach every week. Sure will miss teaching and will miss my girls, but guess I should let someone else have an opportunity too.
Well, I am running into today with a dentist appointment, shopping for my son’s shirt for a wedding, planning an easy catering task for a wedding Friday, painting, and playing with my littles. It’s gonna be a crazy week, but that’s how we roll around here. Only 3 more weeks til vacation!!!
Stop by tomorrow and see how our guest bathroom turned out! We still have a few finishing touches with the trim, but I LOVE it.