Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Musings----Just a little prayer?

What a joy to know that Prayer works!!!! Prayer gives peace knowing that an Almighty God cares enough to listen. Prayer gives joy knowing we can and must have utmost confidence in Him. Prayer gives motivation to sit back and be still knowing God is bigger than the “problem” or “requests.” Prayer reminds me of promises and thanks that we can give to our Heavenly Father. Prayer brings us closer to Him! Prayer brings sisters and brothers in Christ together in unity and Christ-like love.
The picture above shows just a few of the people in our packed out home just a week ago. Our “adopted son” Josh was heading out the next morning to serve our country in the Marines. It was a hard thing for me in MANY ways. I know he isn’t my actual son, but I’ve grown to love him as my own and have seen many ups and downs, fun roads, and not so fun roads in his life and my own through the years. Yet, what a joy to know that God had given him the peace to pursue the marines. Yet, what a huge responsibility it is as friends, parents, and family in Christ to uplift this young man and many more before the throne of Grace! Do we pray? Do we pray the way we say we will? You know that quick statement, “I am praying for you!” Are you really, truly praying? Or are you just throwing that phrase out there with not a meaning or truth in the world?
I watched a few welled up eyes, I saw the shaking of hands, the big hugs, the thoughts that crept through many of our minds. “What will happen to him?” “Will he be safe?” “Will he stand strong for Christ?” “What will become of him?” and so many more. Sweet friends, those questions are true for each and every one of us within this wicked world! But, what an overwhelming promise we have knowing that God will never leave us and that His throne of grace is opened 24/7!
I have found the Lord’s constant reminders of the importance of prayer through the years. I would definitely not say I have arrived, but I have been so excited to watch Him grow my faith and strength in and through prayer.
Readers, friends, run to His throne first with praise and then with the burdens and struggles in life. And, He even loves to hear and answer our want requests. My little 3 year old prayed for a purse for 2 weeks and Jesus answered that prayer at a yard sale Saturday morning. Her excited that “Jesus found her a purse” was thrilling to my heart and soul. And, it reminded me of how excited I must get in giving praise to my Almighty God for answering in His ways.
I do pray for you---maybe not completely by name, but I pray that this blog can be encouraging to those that read it. May your day be filled with God’s abounding grace and joy.