Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Ever come into a day with a million reminders of what you must get done on that present day? You know those retarded alarms telling you that you have 30 minutes to get to that dentist appointment? Or that pop up that reminds you of the large mortgage payment that is due today? Those reminders aren’t always happy reminders or things that we really wish had to happen. Yet, those reminders that God gives us through His Word can always be WONDERFUL! I have yet to find a reminder in Scripture that makes my skin crawl or makes me wish I could crawl in a hole for the day. What a tremendous God I serve amidst an all out wicked world. The Lord reminded me of several things over the last week that gave me true peace and joy to run through yet another day. Last week was a week of many migraines and several pretty awful bouts of sickness for my husband and myself. We tried to hide it, but it certainly wasn’t the easiest of weeks for us. To top it off we were crazy busy with wedding stuff and other work. But, each day God reminded me that He is sufficient for me. And, each new day that He gives me is filled yet again with new strength and joy.
The weekend approached and I really had planned and desired to do an alone morning out doing yard sales or just relaxing. What happened was quite the contrary and I worked from 7:30 until 10:30 that night. Yet, amidst the morning God reminded me that He desires to give me the desires of my heart too even when it is not in “my way!”
I couldn’t hit yard sales, but I ended up with an amazing small chest freezer and a wooden picnic table all for FREE!
freefindsOur neighbors had tried selling us the freezer a few weeks before for $80. We have been looking and praying for a chest freezer since it would be better on the back porch than the little one we had currently. But, it wasn’t a “must have” so we weren’t willing to pay that much for one. They moved Friday evening and told us whatever they left out back we could take. So, after the wedding Friday night my husband popped over to the neighbors yard and found the freezer sitting there. Excitement flooded my soul!! Saturday morning I ran over and dragged this wooden picnic table over and cannot wait to paint it some fun color. I totally love the size and love that the benches are not connected. The best part of all of this is the reminder God gave me that very morning that His plans are always best and that He will bless when we take His path before our own.
I sold our other mini freezer yesterday and gave our old patio table and 3 chairs to a sweet friend. Looking forward to spending lots of time on our “new to us” picnic table this summer!