Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1 Already????

So, all you out there who were dying to see pictures, here ya go!!
ellas birthday I definitely felt like I didn’t go as fancy for her as the other parties, but I figured she’s only 1 and she wouldn’t care, right?
Chloe and I had fun finding zebra print paper and balloons. We covered mason jars for punch and stuck in some blue striped straws for an added touch. I had extra balloons lying around so we added some pops of color above the living room dresser. That dresser has been my life saver for parties! What a fun focal point to decorate and not have to worry about moving everything around to be able to feed others.
The cakes were just simple yellow cakes with cream cheese frosting and black fondant that I cut into unique shapes to depict the zebra print. I added a little turquoise fondant balls on Ellas for color along with a zebra print bow I made to add some extra bling. The other cake I just braided a few pieces of turquoise material and wrapped it around the bottom and later added some bling to too.
The separate cake for Ella, well, let’s just say, she didn’t want anything to do with it!! At lease she smiled pretty and tried the fondant. She was definitely not in the mood to get dirty---she’s like her momma. When I turned 1 I didn’t want my fingers dirty a bit. My mom eventually shoved it in my face. Well, Ella had a rough day and I didn’t want to make it rougher for her just to have pictures—so not worth it this time.
Ella gave her guests little zebra purses with zebra handkerchiefs, zebra notebook, and a glow in the dark bouncy ball! The kids seemed to enjoy them quite a bit.
Oh, and did you see her fun outfit? I found the black zebra tutu for pennies and I found the zebra leggings at Hobby Lobby on Clearance. I made the bow and fastened it to her $1 Old Navy tank. The puff in the hair was something I’ve had for a while. She certainly is my cute little 1-year old!
So, for now I get a break on the the decorating for birthdays scene. Brian’s birthday is next week, but I hadn’t really planned a theme for him—plus he hates cake! We will do something fun, just have to have a bit of a break first.
“Happy Birthday, sweet Elianna! Mommy and Daddy love you and are so blessed to be your parents. We are praying that you will give Jesus your heart at a young age and serve Him faithfully. Love you, baby!”