Saturday, July 20, 2013

Goodbyes-realities of life

Is anyone else of the same feeling? I HATE saying goodbye. I know the hope and joys we can cling to knowing that our earthly goodbyes will one day be hellos at the gates of Heaven. But, it’s just something about having to say farewells to friend’s you love even if it is for a time.
I think part of the hardness of it is that SEVERAL of our closest friends have all moved away within the last year and have left us behind. It’s hard not to scream, “Why not us? When will it be our turn?” I am content with the path God has for us right now, but that doesn’t take away the yearning to just uproot right now and move far away. Nonetheless we had to say goodbye to dear friends who have pretty much become our neighbors this summer. Thankfully it will just be for a few months, but it’s still tough. Found out too the other night that another DEAR friend is moving in a few weeks. Ugghhh, I hate it and my kids hate it more, I’m afraid. Yesterday Chloe asked amidst tears, “Mommy, why does all our friends keep moving away? When are we moving?” Ha ha, amidst tears I giggled at trying to comprehend her mind on the matter.
We had a park date with our dear friends who are travelling for the next few months and the pictures always bring a smile to my face and my sometimes discouraged heart. Keeping it real, friends, I struggle! I can say I have many happy moments and am finding thanks in all things MOST of the time with the help of my thankful journal and lots of studying, BUT, I’ve still got a stinkin flesh, and it gets the best of me at times.
I am excited to start a few new endeavors this fall with some extra free time and less commitment. Through much prayer and lots of conversations my husband and I are not going to be in charge of a Sigma team with our youth group anymore. There were MANY reasons of which I will not go into detail, but one of the largest is just the amount of time it takes and our desire to get into another ministry soon. We have loved every second of it and love our teens like our own, but we would really like to do some extra things as a family this year and would like to branch out into some different ministries that we wouldn’t have had time for with Sigma commitments.
I have had a huge desire to start a ladies Bible Study in our home and am excited to start inviting for our Tuesday morning gatherings. We are going to go through 1,000 gifts as our first topic and then jump into Choosing Joy! I am so excited about this new ministry for me and looking forward to branching out of my comfort zone and even developing more friendships with others. My littles and I also are going to devote one day a week to minister to someone within our community or our church. People that may be a bit forgotten or just need encouragement.
The kids and I made a list of some ideas:
  • raking leaves
  • making a meal and delivering
  • notes of encouragement
  • military care packages
  • College student visits with goodies
  • Widow pop-in visit
  • Singing at nursing home
  • Helping clean someone’s house
  • Baking goods and delivering
I need your help, readers! I would like to have a fun name for my kids and I to use for this day of serving others. I am ecstatic about the fun we will have and the memories that we can make together. Also, I’d love to have a creative name for the ladies Bible study. Any thoughts? I had a few suggestions, but wasn’t 100% in love. Thought of Manna for Moms, but I am not desiring to just open it up to moms and don’t want others to feel left out.
Would appreciate any suggestions. Excited to see what God can do in my life this coming week. Thanking Him one day at a time!