Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Have you made yours?

I am currently enjoying a relaxing day by the pool on our family vacation. Ahhh! this is the life! Well, I know reality will come too soon, so I will enjoy each second of these 9 days to the max. It’s the first time since our ENTIRE family has been together in 2 years! We are having a blast.IMG_2252Well, this is last week’s picture. So, I am not doing any of this weekly habit right now. But, I wondered how many of you all are making your own bread and if you’ve tried this? We made 4 loaves last week and my kids devoured almost a whole loaf for jelly sandwiches the same day. They certainly fill up faster and longer doing it this way, and I hear less “I’m hungry!” complaints the remainder of the day. We gave one loaf away too which is something fun for the kids to do for others too.
So, have you tried baking your own bread? I promise, you and your family will love it! Oh, and French toast and Grilled cheese never tasted better.
If you don’t have a good recipe you are welcome to use ours Childhood Bread recipe