Monday, July 29, 2013


Wednesday evening I had 3 teens approach me after the service expressing a real burden for our youth group and for our mid-week teens. I was encouraged by their tender hearts and challenged too. One asked if he could share something with the youth group Sunday morning before Sunday School. We briefly talked about it and planned on him giving a short challenge. Yesterday morning came and he quietly came to me and said, Molly, I have prayed about it and practiced and I went 25 minutes long yesterday!! I smiled, but knew what he had to say really was important and coming from a peer would be so much better than any youth pastor/leader could do.
Our smaller group gathered before Sunday school scribbling sweet notes of encouragement to the Colonial Hills Baptist Church youth group. It was sweet and sad all at the same time as we have no idea the hurting that is within such a sweet group of people. What proceeded was exquisite! A younger teen guy stood up and graciously apologized and asked for forgiveness for arguing with the referee at Wednesday night’s water wars. What a wonderful picture of humbleness and a true desire to be all one must be for Christ. Then, the young man who had asked to give a challenge stood up and very kindly, yet to the point rebuked our teens for actions and attitudes in the youth group. His biggest rebuke and challenge was what our purpose was for youth group---socialize or win souls. I could take 3-4 blog posts giving specifics and sharing his heart. Yet, as I stood in the back and wondered----1 person!! It can take just 1 person to bring revival—to bring change---to impact many!
Here a senior boy saw a need---a real need! He saw a problem---a real problem! And, as most of us can relate facing those things as a peer is tough—real tough! Yet, a few of us stood back and watched as this young man wept for his youth group---for his friends---for his heart. After confronting the sin/apathy/cliques/ etc, he got everyone into a circle and put arms around one another. He started praying and asked the Lord for forgiveness in his own heart and life and his lack of leadership in our youth group. Then… started---the flood gates opened and we heard most, if not all, of the teens in our youth group do just the same. Amazing!!!! It was breathtaking and heart changing to watch and listen as teens got right with God and one another.
Later that morning one of our mid-week teens who had been in Sunday School came to me asking to talk. She was one of the individuals who made a real ruckus and distraction during the preaching last week. She said she was struggling with her assurance of salvation and lots of other things. What a joy it was to sit together in the library and see this young lady get her assurance of salvation. She then looked at me and said, “I need to apologize to the preacher for disrupting at church.” Moments later she found our youth leader who had preached last week and apologized for what she had done.
All this to say, isn’t God so good? I know that there are many hurting today. Hurting in ways I may understand more than you know. And, in ways that I have no clue. I have no understanding of the hurt of losing my children or the thought of losing my momma. But, what a joy to know that God sits on the throne and He knows and cares for me! This BIG GOD cares for our youth group and He has led a few teens to seek to make a difference and we are rejoicing in that!
Alas, I wish I could share a picture of the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. But, my silly self forgot my phone at home yesterday morning. I did grab a phone from one of the girls purses while they were praying, but now I’m not sure whose phone it was. (:
I am excited to see what God has in store for our youth group and in my own heart.
Let’s find the gifts this week amidst the hurt, pain, and disappointments. There are many there, it’s just up to us to give thanks in them.
Friends, I’d love to pray for you!!! Let me know if there is something I can specifically take to the throne of Grace for you!