Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Favorite

I found a cabinet for my girls room last year. Well, actually my hubby found it and I ended up paying $18 for it which was a steal. You can read about my finds here: October yard sale finds
There was one catch: when I got it home and decorated and such it just really didn’t fit in my style. Don’t get me wrong, it totally worked for what I needed right then, but I was really wanting a piece that I loved and that held a ton of little girls clothing and accessories. For about 6 months I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for an Antique piece that would serve its purpose well and still “fit” into my home. Can I be honest? If it looks old people put a ridiculous price tag on it! Ridiculous as in $400 minimal for an old armoire. And, most of them I hated and would need a ton of tlc. So, I prayed about it often and would check craigslist at least once a day to see if anything popped up that was worth bartering for. There was one in the Shelby area that I loved, but she wanted $300 still even after I bartered. That price was too high for my budget and I declined the $30 negotiating price she gave me after my last email response. It started to get a bit frustrating until the Lord reminded me to be faithful in praying and to trust Him.
Ever trust Him even for those miniscule desires? It can be so rewarding, that’s for sure! Then, it happened! I found this really cool, antique armoire that I LOVED!!! The Price tag started at $300, but my maximum price was half that. It seemed a bit impossible, but had I mentioned that nothing is when it comes to my great God?! Tis true, indeed, my friends. My first response to the ad was for pictures of the inside. I had no idea if the inside was anything that I really needed. I wanted the hanging bar to be going from side to side and not front to back like so many old armoires have. I wanted several drawers or shelves that could hold a good amount of STUFF. It seemed a bit steep in expectations, but it was my specifics that I had prayed for.
I know some would say $150 is steep and it might be for one piece of furniture, but I worked hard for this and really had prayed for a solid piece and I knew this price was awesome for this piece. So, I offered just that! It was far out, but I knew the worst thing to happen would be a no and my hunt would begin again. You know what? They said they’d take it! I was shocked. But, the story continues. Not sure about your experiences with Craigslist, but mine have more often than not been awful! I mean, really awful. So, I wasn’t guaranteed the cabinet was mine yet. My offer was given on Monday morning. With continual rain that week and catering a wedding and such I told them there was no way I could come that week and would let them know for sure at the beginning of the next week. I figured it would be rude to ask them to hold it for me, so I just left it as if they hadn’t sold it by the following week I would pursue it again. The week went by and I occasionally checked on it on Craigslist. By Wednesday, the ad was gone and I figured they had sold it to someone else. So, I started looking once again. The Shelby cabinet was still there and I started inquiring about it more and asked how low they would go. It never ended up in our price range.
I catered the wedding and had a very busy weekend that allowed me to kind of forget about the treasure “I lost.” Monday morning came around and I received an email from the lady regarding the Awesome cabinet. She asked if I still wanted it. I was shocked she hadn’t sold it and said, Absolutely I did! She then informed me that they pulled the posting off after they knew I wanted it and saved it for me! Seriously???? I about fell over. God is so good. I went to look at it last Saturday and marveled at this couples home. It was filled with gorgeous antiques EVERYWHERE. I instantly fell in love with this piece and felt like the picture on Craigslist didn’t even give it justice. I will need to replace the knobs and may eventually distress it white, but for now I love it!
The shelves were awesome, drawers amazing, it was distressed and very old, and the hanging rod went the right way. It is currently holding all of Chloe’s clothes and several drawers of other items that the girl’s share. I actually was able to empty the closet out and put the kitchen set inside since I had enough room! Love that it all worked out better than I expected!
IMG_2407 IMG_2408 IMG_2409 Who says God doesn’t care about our little wants?