Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shopping Treasures

It’s not been the greatest of yard sale season for us lately with all the rain and then being on vacation. But, I have found a few things for minimal moola and I’ve been excited about them.
I found another plate tier for 50 cents IMG_2005
I found a small blue quilt for $4 and stuck it on top of the old trunk in Andrew’s room. Love that I finally found a home for my cool trunk! It’s so huge that I seriously debated about getting rid of it, but I loved it too much.   IMG_2855
When we were on vacation I was able to shop at my favorite antique store with my sistas and momma. I found a few little things and my mom bought me a cool quilt and a few other things for Christmas (shh, I’ll forget about them) I found this cool old blue key that I hung on our door (for now)
IMG_2856Lastly, I found 2 amazing tiers for $2 and for $4. I forgot to take a picture of the one before putting it in the shed with my catering stuff, but I love them both. They are both different from any of the ones I already own.  IMG_2863
So, those are my most recent finds. Praying I can hit the jackpot soon for my littles fall and next summer wardrobes. He always provides.
How about you? Any fun finds this week?