Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer's Fleeting

Sunny Days Cooler Days
Mud puddles Leaf Piles
Dirty faces Still dirty faces
Sand castles built tall Higher sand castles
Bike rides Bike rides-minus the heat
Annoying mosquitoes Not so annoying mosquitoes
Freshly cut lawn Aroma of fall-raking leaves
Hours at the park Longer, cooler hours at the park
Splashes in the pool Sports
Sunburn Chap-stick
Cookouts Soup
Vacation weekend get-away
Swimsuits Sweatshirts
Flip flops Boots
Chalk art Rakes
Butterflies Pumpkins
Lazy days Hot chocolate & books
Sleepovers School days
Seems like a silly table, but I love both seasons so much! I am excited to welcome fall, but I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to summer too. This summer has been unusual in that our activities have been limited to either the rain or the heat. But, we have made the best of it and have had the time of our lives. School days are coming and my littles are ready to get back to the hubbub of our busy fall life. I cannot wait for apples, jellies, pumpkins, leaves, and so much decorating and fun activities! So, go enjoy the last few days of summer before we jump into sweatshirts and boots!