Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Helpers 101

Ever wonder how each person gets stuff done around their home? Well, sometimes when this mommy has something I can task out to my littles I do just that! I taught Andrew how to peel potatoes last year, and what an AWESOME sense of accomplishment that has been. He LOVED learning something new and has become my little chef. When he came running into the kitchen asking me if there was something he could do, I gave him a big smile and said, “Grab the bag of potatoes, buddy!”
He was ecstatic when I handed him the peeler. Despite peeling 2 of his fingers with the 5 lb bag of tators he plugged away and we had a jolly time chatting during the whole event.
Messy faces, cheerio streaked living rooms, potty trails, nasty aromas, muddy footprints, and constant noise gives some woman insanity and frustration. Not I! I must and shall thank Jesus each sweet day that I get to enjoy my sweet babies.
{I am not perfect and the above list is a frequent occurrence, and my patience is tested and I fail! But, I have a God who forgives and littles whom I can hug and say sorry to too"}
Be thankful today for what you have, because God may chose to take “it” away from you tomorrow!