Monday, August 26, 2013

New “Spicey” Storage

We went on an organizing/rearranging holiday last week! Lots of fun was definitely had and things were put in their rightful places. My kids always love helping with these kind of projects so when I decided to dump all our spice containers out of the random Rubbermaid baskets Chloe jumped in to help. We decided to put them in mason jars. Everything is better in a mason jar, for sure! :)
I forgot to take a picture of before, but I had all my spices in Rubbermaid baskets that slid front to back in a small cupboard beside the stove. Wasn’t the most convenient and you had to pick up every silly spice jar to see what was inside. It was a pain! And, the way I use spices this dilemma happened every day. I had seen several pictures from friends of how they organized theirs using chalk paint, magnets, and more. But, I needed bigger containers because I have lots of spices. Thankfully I have a stock of mason jars so we set to work dumping the spices in each jar and then marking them with a marker on top and on the side. I contemplated using chalkboard paint labels and then chalk, but the more I thought about it I figured my hands would rub the chalk off every time I used the spice, so I threw that option out. A sharp permanent marker worked wonders and took minutes to do it all.
After my jars were full I made a few shelves for the cupboard above my stove! It worked out great and I had all the supplies on hand! So, my entire “spicey” storage project cost me NOTHING!
Have you done any fun organizing projects alone or with your littles lately? Would love to see what you’ve done to make your home more beautiful to you! Have a happy Monday, my friends.