Thursday, August 29, 2013

“The Princesses & the Please!”

“Mommy, can you please re-arrange our room?” This question came quickly after I took on the task of re-arranging big brothers room which I will post another time. I knew the job of rearranging the girls room was limited considering the ginormous bunk bed that can really go in one of two spots. So, I figured, what would it hurt?
Yes, their pleases were so cute and I just couldn’t resist. Plus it gave me an excuse to go through EVERYTHING and weed out the items that had accumulated a bit too much.
We moved the bunks over to the right side of the room and flopped the rest of the stuff over to the left. It was just a bit of tweaking until I had the thought to do a mini gallery wall. Ah, the fun began. :)
So, a “minor” flop became a few hour project, but the LOVES and oohs and ahhs from my sweet princesses made the sweat so worth it.