Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Expensive for Cheap

Ribbet collage1
I haven’t done a ton of yard sales lately, but I did find a few where I purchased a few needs and one want.
The mirror on the dresser was the want. I had a mirror that I thought about putting there, but it just was too small and looked way more quirky than I had wanted originally. So, when I found this gorgeous, tall mirror for $7 at a yard sale, I snatched it up. I probably would have bartered some for the price, but it was 6:58 in the morning and I was the first customer---that’s the bad thing about being out super early. Nonetheless, the price was still great and she had already taped it all up for her to paint it! So, it made my task super easy that same morning. One coat of paint dried in no time and I had my mirror ready to go.
Yard sales are the way to go when having to purchase wardrobes for 1 or for 4 kids!!! I have seen the Lord provide in so many ways and you won’t find many articles of clothing that I’ve bought brand new in our home. The best part is I typically don’t buy it if it’s not brand name. That doesn’t mean I’m a snob or have to have the brand name, but I see it as this….if I am going to spend our hard earned money (even pennies) on an item I’d really like to have the top quality. Snobby, huh? I promise, I’m not. Guess if I had to shop brand new for clothes all we could afford would probably be Wal-Mart and maybe clearance at Kohl's. So, when I can get Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, American Eagle, etc, for quarters a piece, why not have the best?
All that to say, I organized all the kids clothes bin for the fall and had a minor list of needs to purchase. Really the only things I needed were boots/shoes for all and a winter coat for Chloe. I needed a coat and at least 1 cute pair of boots too, since mine were pretty worn out. So, my list went on my phone and we started looking and praying.
The cute plaid coat I got for $2.49 at Goodwill. It originally sells for $85 and the only thing wrong with it is it’s missing a button. Guess the previous owner didn’t realize there are 2 extra buttons sewn inside the coat. Their loss…my gain! They had buy one get 50% off coats last week. My favorite employee was there and she gave me the one coat for 50% off even though I didn’t get 2. Blessings! Then, I found these cute gray boots for $1.99.
IMG_3007The little velvet dress with tags on it from Jane and Jack  and the little old navy brown sweater were a quarter a piece!
The cute sweater dress and orange dress ended up being about 75 cents a piece.
The American Eagle Sweat shirt for my hubby was $1 and the Hollister shirt was $1.
The cute Children’s Place plaid coat for CHLOE was $2.49 and the purple boots were $1.
These are just some of the perks to yard sales and goodwill shopping!Your home can be beautiful with second-hand items—and your children don’t have to look like you shop at yard sales and Goodwills! Hunt for the best, my friends—it’s so much fun when the Lord provides.