Friday, September 27, 2013

Atlanta Getaway

My hubby and I got to get away for 4 days plus Friday evening with no littles. I love my littles so much, but time away with my man is needed for sure! We were in no rush to be anywhere or do anything and just was able to relax. Friday night we visited a new little one in the hospital, went out to dinner, shopped a bit, and rent a few movies. Saturday we slept in and then headed to Atlanta, GA to go to Stone Mountain park.


We rode the train while it rained.

IMG_3599Played mini golf 3 times


Went up the mountain on the sky lift and explored.


Then ate popcorn and drank pop while watching the laser show.

Saturday night we stayed at an amazing hotel and slept in until…. (not telling) the next morning.


Sunday afternoon we went to a mini golf/go kart place. We played a round of golf which I won finally and then had fun winning at several arcade games.

We visited Krispy Kreme and Longhorn along with a goodwill before heading to church.IMG_3643

We went to the Jenkins church for the evening service and enjoyed seeing 2 different presentations from our favorite single missionary friend! This was the view on the way back to our “home” for the night.

We had the privilege of staying with David and Christina {the Frugal Homemaker} for a few days.


We went to the World of Coke


The Brewers & Braves Game (where our team stomped the Braves)

IMG_3685  And lots of shopping at some of Christina’s favorite thrift places.IMG_3686Christina and I had almost identical items in our carts (shoes & pillows) Check out Christina’s finds here       IMG_3805

I found 5 pillows 3 of which were only 99 cents. The small basket was 39 cents, the white bowl was $1.50, and I got several fun pieces of clothing for the littles at the 1/2 price store.

Lots of fun was had and much laughter. So thankful for the chance to get away before a few crazy busy weeks.

Looking forward to starting my 31 day series on Tuesday.