Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Autumn Change-up!

I like to start on my focal points when it comes to redecorating for a season or holiday. So, it usually starts with the wreath on the front door. I have the one I made last year, but I really wanted something unique and different. While I was organizing my random decoration stash I came across this cool old frame. I pulled out the glass and the backing and thus it became my “wreath” form.
I had covered my ‘S’ in red sweater fabric last Christmas so I ripped that all off and covered it in burlap. The girls and I made a few burlap flowers and glued some bright orange and brown buttons on to bring out some pops of color.
Time it took= 15 minutes
Cost= Free
IMG_3298  Last week I grabbed a few old boards from our scrap stash out back (only a day before my hubby took stuff to the dump) Most of the wood was actually pieces from our old piano so there was sentiment in the pieces I chose. I pieced them together and painted “Blessings” across the front in orange paint. I had some extra stain in the cabinet that I had used to stain the kitchen table. So, we gave it a few coats of stain and are in love with the finished FREE product. It sits perfectly on the piano.
IMG_3302 IMG_3303
After I finished the piano display Andrew helped me work on the mantel and the hearth. Did you notice I took down my curtains? And all my blue pillows? Fall decor just isn’t the same if it’s blue and other colors. I want pops of red, orange, yellow, and browns. So, I stuck up my brown panels and brought down all my red pillows for accents. Madelynn and I also made a burlap pillow and stuck a few others along the hearth to give it another seating feel.
I made the garland from brown string and mini pinecones I had in my stash. It was definitely not a difficult task other than a few burnt fingertips along the way.
After lots of purging bringing down “old” and “new” from my decoration stash I have finished my first round of autumn decor. I am going to tackle the outside soon complete with pumpkins, another cabinet door sign, hay bales, and mums. We have some finishing touches to do in the kitchen too.
How about your home? Have you autumn-ized it yet? I love this time of year!!!