Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chocolate chip overhaul

Are you like me and love to take pictures of God’s little yet Abundant blessings HE bestows upon us? I love to do it so I can remember the stories that go along with the picture. The below picture seems like a random shot of a few piles of chocolate chips. Chirardelli Milk Chocolate to be exact. Nonetheless it has a small story of significance to the one who snapped this shot.
Lately I have been continuously reminded of God’s love for me and the love for the opportunities that He has chosen to give my family. It’s pretty rare that a week goes by without several people coming through our home for a meal or just visiting. I do not state that to brag only to say that with that comes a food expense and more often than not a Baking expense. I have always had the desire to have baking ingredients on hand at all times; it is definitely something my momma taught me.
If any of you have been shopping lately you are probably becoming aware of the growing food prices and have maybe even become discouraged at that increase too. Too bad the food prices cannot automatically grow our food budgets too, right? Lately I’ve had to truly give this aspect to the Lord and have watched in wonders as He has put the “icing on the cake!” I found a sale on this chocolate for $1 a bag!! So, I bought the store out! I think it ended up being 12 bags and should last me lots of baked goods. It came in handy this weekend when someone forgot our teens snacks and I ran home and mixed up a double batch of cookies.
So, even when you have been given extras remember the significance that God has given the blessings even if it is just a silly pile of chocolate!