Monday, September 2, 2013

Big Boys room redo

Over the years I have enjoyed decorating my son’s room from Americana to trains and a few other ways. Lately I’ve just felt badly that his room became more of a guest room than his own room with his own style. It will remain our “guest” room when needed, but it is and will be Andrew’s room. We sat down last week and discussed what he wanted in his room. I know, scary, right? Actually for him it isn’t. He is totally my son!!! Proud of that! :)
He said, “Mom, can we do some orange and basketballs?” I was totally for it. Not a bunch of crazy weird stuff, but I was excited to pull in some vintage sports equipment along with a few bursts of color.
Unfortunately orange wasn’t really in my stash of items in my decoration closet, so I set to work trying to figure out what to do. We had little money, and I really didn’t want it to cost a bunch if any money. I sent Andrew outside to find his old flat basketballs and whatever else he thought would look cool and I started my list of what I had to change.
Paint train stencil (need to buy more paint and will finish this week)
Move bed
Clean thoroughly
Search Craigslist for OLD basketball rim to hang above bed (still praying and looking)
Get orange material and make curtains
Find orange sheets
Purchase Gray pillowcases
Find a blue body pillow cover (medium size)
Paint stool and light orange
Get rid of old nightstand / find new one that is more rustic/vintage
Find a new lego house (the bead board box lid broke)
Seems like a ton, right? Well, I figured it would take a few weeks to find it all and maybe months, but Monday morning was one of those days that I found God so real to myself and my Andrew. After I made the list and Andrew came inside with his “treasures” I mentioned that we needed to start praying for these specific items for his room to be what he wanted. He said, “OK,” and ran off. I found him a few moments later praying for the list.
We rearranged his bed differently to make the room more open and we both loved it. We folded the rug in half which slid perfectly under the bed. I remembered my cool 3 shelf thing I got from Hobby Lobby as a gift a few years back and put that next to his bed as his “nightstand.” I had a can of orange paint in the decor closet and we painted the stool and light while it was sunny. Oh, and the new lego “house” is now a really Huge cool trunk I got before I was married for $2!
Andrew had found some cool old rackets outside along with a bat and a few other things. He grabbed an old barrel off the porch and we stuck all his sports stuff in that.
That pretty much took of most the list except stuff that I knew would cost money. We packed up and thought a quick trip to Goodwill would be fun and may bring about some more marking off the list. We stopped in Value village first and found a orange fitted sheet for $.49, a blue medium body pillow cover for $1.29, and 2 gray pillowcases for $1.21!!! The whole time Andrew was saying, “He answered, mom!” Yes, son, He cares even about you and your room. We hit goodwill too and found an orange sheet set for $1.49, another orange basketball for $.49, an orange pillow for $5.99, and a cool blue jean beanbag seat for $3.99!
We cleaned everything up and I tackled the orange fitted sheet from value village with a scissors and the glue gun! Voila---we had our orange curtains done. So, the cost of this mini room redo was… $14.95 plus tax.
He is tickled and loves his room and mommy loves it too. Thankful Jesus cares about little boy’s rooms too.