Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun with Fruit

IMG_3339IMG_3338  IMG_3340 
Last week we had a baby shower for a sweet friend of mine. Someone approached me a few weeks before and asked if I could make a fruit salad for the shower. My friend cannot have cake right now so we figured fruit would be the safe and yummy way to go. I couldn’t get myself to just throw all the fruit in a bowl, so I set off to make it a bit more “baby shower” friendly.
I used all the fruit rinds as bowls and/or decoration. The watermelon was supposed to look like a stroller or cradle. I forgot my orange wheels at home so I had to improvise. The hearts were turned one for green and the other red since she didn’t know yet what the gender was. I chopped the stalks off the pineapples and just placed them inside the other rinds to add color and dimension. What a fun little way to make a fruit display. I certainly look forward to doing this again soon!
It was so much fun and everyone seemed to love it. Let’s just say going up for seconds and thirds on fruit was way easier than if it were cake. ha ha