Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baking Organization {Day 17 of 31 of Revealing my “secrets” as a mom with 4 kids + time for decor & more}



Today’s “secret”~ If you love to cook or bake you must have an organized way of storing your ingredients and dishes. Having organization helps you be more motivated to tackle the cooking/baking endeavors.

A few years back my mom bought me this cabinet for $20 at Goodwill. The top piece actually had a back on it and completely connected to the bottom hutch. But, I hated it! So, my sweet hubby came to the rescue and cut it down to look the way it does now. After a few coats of paint it is now considered my baking cabinet. I do all my baking there and I love it!   

 IMG_4130 IMG_3756















I have kept my eyes peeled for big and small glass jars to hold all the things we use. I have found several at yard sales and I did get a few for Christmas one year. The Large ones on the top shelves were $5 at Ollies almost 5 years ago. I went to get 1 more the week after I bought these 4 and they had been sold out! Hmmm, I wonder why!

Some ask if I have issues with things turning hard and such. No, I do not. Some of the seals on the big glass ones aren’t that great, but I go through my baking stuff often so that makes a huge difference. I love the clear jars so I can easily keep up with what I am running low on.

I have the onions in an old enamel bowel under the Measuring spoon/cup drawer. Our chips and snacky stuff go in the wooden crate below that. The side cupboards consist of baking spices, flavors, vinegar, oils, and any extra items. It also houses some cake pans and the rolling pin.  

















My “pantry” is just an old cabinet that I turned into our pantry since our home is a little incompetent in the storage aspect. I chalkboard painted the doors so I could keep a running grocery list as I ran out. My canning storage is in an old pie safe that sits atop our “pantry.”










You may not have a designated cabinet for baking, but if you can organize your stuff in such a way that it makes this task easier for you---do it! I promise that it will help and you will enjoy the appearance too. Let’s get creative in our baking after we’ve tackled the organization endeavor!

Looking forward to sharing a few more “secrets” tomorrow!