Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Balancing Work, Ministry & Family {Day 29 of 31 days of Revealing my “secrets” as a mom of 4 + time for decor & more}

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It’s hard to believe that we only have a few days left in this 31 series! Craziness! As I’ve mentioned before, “My ways may not be the best ways for you!” And, today’s “secret” is another that may not hit home as clearly for you. But, while it may be a controversial issue, I have had SEVERAL readers ask me to share my thoughts and “secrets.”

“How do you get it all done?” “How can you stay sane with all your littles and still have time to clean?” “How do you keep up?” “How do you find time for you?” “How are you so involved in ministry?”

All of those questions and more can be best described as

“How do I balance my home, my family, fun, & ministry?” 

This is a HUGE question and really can contain a HUGE response, but my biggest “secret” to balance is finding what is important and truly rely on Christ!

I believe first and foremost my relationship and walk with God is the most important in all of life. He alone gives me the strength and help to conquer the daily tasks miniscule or monumental as they may come.

So, here’s the controversy---I believe after my relationship with God comes my Family which also includes our home then comes ministry and outside work. I do not work a full-time job from home or out of the home, but even if I did this would be my stand. I do not believe that an outside job or in-home job should come before my family and the “ministry & job” God has given me within my own home. I am not going to say that woman shouldn’t work outside of the home, because I don’t believe that and I have an outside job.(: But, I will say that if your home is falling apart, your marriage is rocky, and your children are uncontrollable that your priorities have gotten a bit out of whack. I know, treading tough waters, right?

I believe that within this category your perspective and priorities must be God-centered. Every one of you will come to a different plan of action based on what circumstances and jobs are on your plate at the time. In any situation what you love doing you will certainly find the time to do! Just don’t let your love for ______________ be at the expense of your God & family.

Might I slip in a bit of momma praising? Proverbs 31 is an incredible reminder of what we ought to be for our husband, family, and outside our home. Since I was about 13 my mom started a full-time day-care within our home. Full-time meaning LOTS of other people’s children! But, our home never fell apart, we as children were never neglected because of this work, and my mom continued to minister and serve others despite her crazy business. I believe she always kept her priorities in the right order and it was evident in how she walked with God and took care of her home and family.

It may seem silly to some to compare your life to a plate of food, but sometimes things like that help me "chew and swallow" a bit easier. It seems more recently that my flesh wonders, "Can God really put anything else on my plate?" Only to watch as He scoops yet another spoonful of trials, sufferings, decisions, tasks, and more. It's taken me a long time to really just rest in the truth and fact that He will give me (my plate) nothing more than it can hold and handle with Him.

Isn't it a joy to know that "He will never leave me, nor forsake me?" What a comfort to know that ALL things work out together for good to them that love Him! I know that each of you has a full plate too. I pray you will never forget that trusting the Lord is crucial with a full or half-empty plate. I am so thankful for a new day and the sweet promises He gives me each day. Aren’t you thankful that our “plates” are different? God has orchestrated each of our days to be detailed specifically for us. Don’t ever compare your, life,”plate”, home, job with someone elses! Be content within the ledges of your own plate and watch Him give you every ounce of strength you need to accomplish all the “chewing & swallowing.”

As you eat from the full plate or cup He has set for you today remember to run to His Word and His throne of Grace for clear guidance, strength, and true and lasting encouragement!

Honestly, some of the biggests “secrets” of how I do things have been given in the last 28 days! I think it all ties together. I am far from perfect and fail my family and Lord much, but I can seek that forgiveness and get up and press on. He gives me the strength to handle super busy schedules, visitors, fun outings and so much more. I cannot do it in my strength or it becomes a big FLOP!

So, as you approach your "plate" today, remember that God's grace is sufficient and He will never give you more than you can handle WITH HIM!! My sweet friends, keep your eyes upward and remember, my plates full too, just with different foods!

For those of you who asked for this post, did I answer your questions? Would love feedback!