Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dull to Poppin’ {Day 9 of 31 days of revealing my “secrets”}

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---How to spray paint a chandelier without taking it down---

Recently I noticed a few of my light fixtures were getting a bit shabby and needed to be repainted. It has been 7 years, and I definitely didn’t want to take the time to turn off the electricity and take them all down. So, I set off to tackle the project an easier way. I wasn’t sure if it would work and was; honestly, a bit nervous. But, I was happily surprised at the results.
Items needed: Push pins, 2 smaller or 1 large garbage bag, large piece of cardboard, chair or step ladder, and your favorite can of spray paint.
I started by washing my chandelier making sure there was no dust caked on before painting it. Yes, dust accumulates in these parts of my house too.
trash bags
I then cut down the sides of my 2 medium trash bags and worked them up around the light fixture and push pinned them to the ceiling. I personally didn’t want to paint the cover on the ceiling so I just made sure to cover that too. But I left the chain uncovered because that was going to change to purple. Yes, I said…Purple!
I had already started taking the bag down in the above picture, but we didn’t get paint on the ceiling!
After your bags or whatever you decide to use are covering a good amount of the ceiling around your fixture grab your large piece of cardboard. I used this to hold under the light where my paint would fall to avoid covering the furniture and the carpet. It worked great for me and caught any of the paint that didn’t make it to the light. You could also put a drop cloth down on the floor if that made you feel safer.
Next, take your spray paint and paint your fixture holding the cardboard with the other hand in whatever position needed to catch the fall out.
I seriously was shocked at how easy this project became and I loved the end result. No more drabby brown hanging from this ceiling. Now it’s poppin purple with a touch of bling :)IMG_3199
Any drab light fixtures in your home that need a bit of color? I have several and think I may tackle another as soon as I find the perfect color.
Come back tomorrow for Day 10 of our 31 days of revealing my “secrets”.