Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hospitality & a little “secret” {Day 20 of 31 days of Revealing my “secrets” as a mom of 4 + time for decor & more}

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Ode’ to my Momma~I loved having people over and loved watching how my momma handled unexpected visits! I NEVER saw her stressed out or running through the house like a chicken with her head cut off trying to tidy things up. It was then that I realized the importance of doing the daily tasks that I mentioned here at the beginning of our 31 days series. If you would like to review visit day 6.

Often my mom was in the midst of a huge project like stripping, sanding, painting furniture, re–doing floors, homeschooling her littles, or running her daycare with 7 other little souls. Guess I look back and marvel at her superpowers more and more each day! She had 9 kids in the house then to help her too, but she still does all of that now with only 3 kids still at home. She’s one amazing woman and an awesome example of a Proverbs 31 woman.
Several months ago I posted a post on my home being my ministry. You can read about it here: Our home is my ministry. This was something my momma always taught me. It was verbalized but also lived out first hand. My mom had multiple Bible studies throughout the week—expected and unexpected. You know the best part is? EVERYONE knew that they were welcome to stop by my mommas home ANYTIME!  She would always welcome them in with open arms. She never stood behind her door hoping someone would go away because she couldn’t bear to let them see her home the way it was. (ever done that? Shamefully, I have too)

She wasn’t so concerned with herself and what she needed to get done, but what others needed and showing Jesus’ love toward them in any way possible. I know many of you readers have been blessed by my momma’s hospitality in one way or another and I pray that each of us will start even now now to be more hospitable to those who enter our HOME.

So, here is the “secret”, because I saw this example and importance in my momma; hospitality isn’t as difficult for me. There are things that God has given you that you can do much easier than I could ever do too. I am thankful God made us different, aren’t you? Sometimes I think, man, I wish that wasn’t so hard for me, but then God reminds me that He has given me things that come a little easier for me and other things for others. I say this, because I don’t want you to compare yourself with me or think I am better---because I am NOT! Hospitality was a huge thing I learned all through my childhood and it became so important to me throughout the years. So, lest you think I’ve arrived--- uh hmm…..NEVER! I have much to change and much to grow. And, that, my friends, is NO “Secret!”

Wanna know another little “secret”? If you do those daily tasks that I mentioned on Day 6 your home will always be ready for a visitor. That’s not to say that your home is not lived in, and there are no toys that are being played with at that moment or your living room floor isn’t covered with coloring books and crayons with 8 little hands drawing gorgeous pictures! (That’s what mine looks like often) But, it does mean that things are comfortable, the floors are clean, there aren’t dirty laundry piles, dribbles on the toilets, unmade beds, and more. If you do the daily chores the drop-ins won’t create so much stress!

And, lest you think when I hear a knock at the door I immediately run to answer it, you are all wrong!!! (:

What does my Cookie dough have to do with hospitality? Well, I remember my momma always having her cookie jar full for us and for whenever anyone came over. There were times that another lady would bring her 5 kids and it got a bit crazy. But, there was never a doubt that my mom wouldn’t pull out that cookie jar and hand all of us a cookie and send us out to play while she tried to encourage the lady. Those cookies became conversation pieces and open doors to great friendships. Due to the weather here, I had to compromise the full cookie jar task to being a full tupperware of dough in my fridge and one in my freezer. It doesn’t take much to pop in a few scoops and have warm, fresh cookies for whomever pops in. It has come in handy for Sunday night fellowships too when we don’t have enough dessert or the kids want a more kid-friendly dessert.

Here’s my “secret” chocolate chip cookie recipe if you need one…

cookie dough

If you ever want to just pop by, I’ll throw some cookies in and we can chat over coffee or let the littles play outside. I may be painting a wall, tackling a project or doing extra cleaning, but I would love to take a break and visit with you, my friend.  Excited to share some Do It Yourself Projects this week.