Friday, October 11, 2013

Mountain & Mayhem? {Day 11 of 31 days of Revealing my “secrets” as a mom of 4 + time for decor and more}

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What’s my “Secret” to keeping up with my laundry? Not to be funny, but my laundry motto is this…

 “A load a day keeps the mountain away!”

… the end!

I guess since this is part of the 31 day series I should probably expound a bit, right? I have not been this super mom who sticks to her mottos 24/7 and there are weeks when this motto seems to get swept under the rug, so to speak. Know this, I am just like you…a normal human being with busy schedules, messes, crazy hair days, and lazy days now and again too! So, lest you think of me as wonder-woman, please get that vision out of your head. The mountains of laundry happen in this home too. Just keepin’ it real, friends. 

Nonetheless, the mountains are very infrequent and this is how I keep it that way…

Do a load a day (at least)

This has been something that has become life-changing for me. My days seem to grow busier and busier, but I cannot have just 1 laundry day a week. I know that this way works for many of my friends, but it doesn’t for me. When you only have 1-2 loads a day it really takes very little time to complete. I typically fill the washer right when I get up and am switching it as the kids are eating breakfast. By the time I take the kids to school I have my first load to fold. However, if I have another load going, I will wait and fold both loads at the same time.

Have separate laundry hampers/piles

I have a hamper in the girls room and one in our bathroom. This helps the kids be able to help too. When their hamper is full, one of them will bring it to the washer and fill the washer. It also helps when we are folding too since one load is completely theirs.

Have your laundry “room” easily accessible as a constant reminder

I don’t have the luxury of having an actual laundry “room.” But, I do have a closet! I think part of the way I do laundry is due to this fact in itself. I can’t have mountains of laundry spilling out all over my kitchen for the obvious reasons. (: When we first moved in we had shutters on our laundry closet. After lots of frustrations with laundry and having to develop something to combat my laziness and letting piles form I removed the shutters. I made curtains which has made work extra hard to keep up and not let the mountains go. When you walk into my kitchen the laundry “room” stares you right in the face. So, do something to make your laundry room appeal to you and not scream at you!IMG_3486

Teach your children to help

Your children can help in many ways too. My kids do help with the folding, but I typically do that stage of laundry alone. They know how to fill the washer and put the soap in and turn it on. They also put all their clothes away (usually after school). Make it fun for them. Laundry can be fun. We have competitions to see who can put their piles away the neatest. It’s just become an enjoyable “group” effort and takes only minutes. I think sometimes most moms most hated laundry stage is the putting away, because it is daunting and because spaces are limited. Check yesterday’s post on Folding options to get some of my “secrets.”


Ella (1) loves for me to hand her wet clothes to put in dryer.

Find something fun to do while folding

I love to either listen to music or watch a short movie to keep me entertained while folding. Seems little and silly, but it often helps the time disappear faster and it keeps me motivated to get it all done. “I Love Lucy” episodes is my favorite laundry entertainment. I make my folding piles as such…

Andrews shirts, Andrews pants, Andrews pjs, Andrews hang up clothes, etc. Making piles this way makes it easier for the kids to put everything away quickly, neatly, and exactly where they belong. Making appropriate piles can also really help you teach your younger children to do theirs to. Maddie (3) puts all her piles away except for the hang up clothes.

ilove lucy

Laundry can be fun and doesn’t have to be daunting even with 6 people in your home. It’s still a task that must be completed so why not make it easier for you and a bit more enjoyable?! I hope you can jump into that mountain and do just that!