Monday, October 21, 2013

No Sew Curtains{Day 21 of 31 days of Revealing my “secrets” as a mom of 4 + time for decor & more}

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Often I am asked if I can sew something for them. I usually chuckle and then share with them my little “secret”—I don’t sew! I glue!

I think I may pick up sewing more for our next house whenever that may come about, but for now I am content to continue gluing! Seems like such a silly thing, but Every one of my curtains are simply glued. I’m sure if you looked closely you could tell, but I love it and I don’t mind the unevenness and ruggedness myself.

My last curtains I created were for my little man’s orange and blue room. If you would like to attempt this you will need: Fitted or other sheet, scissors, hot glue gun, and a flat surface.

IMG_3223 Step 1: Put your sheet on a flat surface.

Step 2: Pull out corner seams or cut the rounded corners to be not rounded anymore

Step 3: Fold Sheet in half long way and then cut down the middle

Step 4: Fold top down leaving a space for your curtain rod (There are several options depending if you want a ruffle on the top or if you just want a flat curtain to the rod) I opted to go with a bit of extra at the top.

Step 5: Hem (with glue) to the desired length

Step 6: Hang and enjoy!