Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thrifting Benefits in my home{Day 1 of 31 Days of Revealing my “secrets”}


I wanted to start our 31 days together with a house tour displaying some of my thrifty finds and the benefits of shopping for less. It’s no “secret” that  I am an avid yard saler and bargainer. I wouldn’t say that my home is drop-dead gorgeous nor is it magazine worthy, but it is beautiful to me and we are in love with it. I am excited to walk you through a few rooms giving you rock bottom prices of my treasures and the benefits of shopping for less.

Today’s “secret” is that you can have a well-put together home even with items from Salvation Army, yard sales, or “junk” thrown out at the side of the road.

Lots of beauty for very little pennies can make for a pretty fun home!

Welcome to our home…all 1100 square feet of it!

blog profile5 The front door holds our newly made “wreath”

IMG_3299Check out my Framed Wreath at Autumn change up. It was fun, easy, and very cheap to create. It’s fun to have things like this to welcome you and others into your home.


My couches were a yard sale find for $120 for both 2 years ago. They are micro suede and in marvelous condition. The chandelier was a tremendous yard sale find for $10. I purchased the coffee table at our October annual yard sale for $10! Excited I get to go again this weekend! You can read about last years finds here Annual Yard Sale.

The living room is a busy place in our home and with the amount of visitors that come through we need LOTS of seating. Thus the fullness of this room. Our $10 dresser houses our music books, winter hats & scarves, and photo albums.IMG_3812This antique piano was given to us for free and works great. My little ones are learning to play now too. The “Blessing” sign on the piano is made from old boards from our old (free) piano that we scrapped a few weeks back. The big medallion was a $14.99 clearance Hobby Lobby find.  IMG_3379hobbylobbyfinds

Next we venture down the hall way to visit the kids rooms. I can say for certain that 95% of the items in these rooms were from Goodwill, yard sales and a few things off Craigslist. IMG_3767We changed Andrew’s room just recently. You can read about it here Basketball themed room. His bed was given to us at a yard sale and I found the rug at Goodwill. Pretty sure the only item I have bought from an actual store other than Goodwill, Value village, or thrift stores is the orange pillow. And, Andrew used his birthday money to buy it because he wanted it so badly.

IMG_3238IMG_3226 The girls room is ever changing due to 3 growing girls! I found the rug (brand new) for $9.99 at Goodwill up in Wisconsin. The bunk beds were free and the majority of the decorations were yard sale or goodwill finds. IMG_3816Next we head toward the kids/guest bathroom that adds a bit of black with burnt orange.IMG_3769The kitchen is my favorite room because this room is the one I most often reside within. Looking forward to sharing lots of “secrets” that happen here. IMG_3815IMG_3483 My laundry “room” holds many “secrets”; some of which I’d rather not spill. I will have a post in a few weeks regarding this hot topic though for sure.IMG_3486The master bedroom and bathroom are the last rooms to visit, but are full of thrifty finds. All the pillows are yard sale or thrift store finds. Can’t you tell I love pillows?!! One of the dressers was found on the side of the road and was hideous, the other was $5 at a yard sale. I made the curtains and found the rug at Goodwill for $29.99 (it was brand new with tags on from Target marked at $149.99)IMG_1875 Our bathroom tends to be another favorite only because my hubby gutted the entire thing and created a perfect fit for our home. We found the bead board at a discount warehouse and he used an old dresser to be our vanity. The beveled mirror was a $20 find at a local filthy thrift store.IMG_3783I know it isn’t fancy, but it meets our needs and we love the comfort from within these walls.

What does this have to do with secrets you might ask? Well, with thrifting with children and even if you don’t have children there are some important steps to take when setting out on shopping adventures. Looking forward to sharing some yard sale “secrets” with you tomorrow.