Friday, October 4, 2013

Winning Wardrobes without Breaking the bank {Day 4 of 31 Days of Revealing my “secrets”}

Day4image  31seriesredirection3 As a mom of 4 children and growing children at that; it is always a challenge making sure they are properly dressed for different occasions. We are very active in our local church and my littles attend a private school, so we definitely need a variety of attire for every season of the year.

I have been asked this question often, “How do you dress your kids so cute all the time? Isn’t it expensive?” Usually a smile and a “thank you” suffice, but I can never stop at that! My children may own 2 brand new articles of clothing. I mean undergarments are bought new, but for the most part all their other items are found mostly at YARD SALES! You thought you heard enough about yard sales, huh? I think not!

Here are a few of my “secrets” regarding how I shop for our wardrobes all year round and for the following year too…

    1. Keep lists---It is helpful to write down detailed lists of what your children need in every category throughout the year. Also, making sure you know your children’s sizes in belts, shoes, etc is important. Make sure you have lists for sizes that are needed for the next season too.
    2. Shop ahead-- It’s better to find brand name jeans at a yard sale for 25 cents than to wait until Fall when you desperately need 5 pair and end up paying $12.99 each at a brand name store or $6.99 at Walmart for a cheaper quality.
    3. Shop for the Best--Yard sales are the way to go when having to purchase wardrobes for 1 or for 4 kids or even for you and your hubby!!! I have seen the Lord provide in so many ways and you won’t find many articles of clothing that I’ve bought brand new in our home. The best part is I typically don’t buy it if it’s not brand name. That doesn’t mean I’m a snob or have to have the brand name, but I see it as this….if I am going to spend our hard earned money (even pennies) on an item I’d really like to have the top quality. Snobby, huh? I promise, I’m not. Guess if I had to shop brand new for clothes all we could afford would probably be Wal-Mart and maybe clearance at Kohl's. So, when I can get Gap, Old Navy, Gymboree, American Eagle, etc, for quarters a piece, why not have the best?
    4. Be organized—I have a bin for each child at the top of the attic steps. As I purchase items throughout the year I just put it in the appropriate bin. It is fun when we get to the next season and pull down the bins to find an entirely “new to us” wardrobe without breaking the bank account!


IMG_3002 These are just a few of my “secrets” of shopping all year for my littles.

Looking forward to sharing a few more “secrets” tomorrow on…