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Friday, November 1, 2013

31 days recap

Can I breathe normal again? Wow! I actually accomplished this huge thing, and I will be honest, I had tons of fun. It’s been fun to hear people around saying, “I put to use that “secret” you shared yesterday!” I have so many more little “secrets” I could share, but we will end on that note for now. So, what was your favorite “secret”? I hope some of you benefited from at least a few of our daily posts.

31 series recap

I am anticipating a mini series on thankfulness in the coming weeks as we approach a tremendous holiday “Thanksgiving.” We are headed to the coast again to feed lots of marines. We had so much fun as a family last year and are excited about this opportunity once again. Are you as thrilled as myself to decorate for Christmas? No worries, I won’t start til the week of Thanksgiving, but I am so excited! It makes me a bit nervous though considering my shopping is nothing like it usually is at this time.

Going to take the weekend off from blogging for some extra family time, family pictures, and a busy Sunday of ministry. Will be back Monday for a post on some minor changes in our home! (:


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  2. yay, Molly! you made it. You did great making it through all 31 days on your first time. Better than me!

    Enjoyed your series - think I caught every post but read most on my phone so need to go back and comment. Learned some things, was inspired to change some things - but honestly just want to be YOU so I can do it all. :) Thanks for the all work you did trying to teach us!