Monday, November 11, 2013

All shapes & sizes—Container fun

Jars, boxes, baskets, and more can create so much organization in your home. I LOVE using these methods to house food, treasures, decorations, clothes, and so much more.

IMG_3478 IMG_3477 IMG_3484








  IMG_3743 IMG_3745 IMG_3747



























Where do I find these things? Yard sales, Goodwills and thrift stores. Honestly, containers have become a huge money maker because companies realize that organization is on the rampage and helping people along in this way seems to be a big push. However, most of these items come with a BIG price tag. I’m not one who is willing to pay $24.99 for a cute basket that will hold children’s shoes or what nots. But, when I can find the same nice basket at Goodwill for $1.99---that’s another story! So, be on the lookout this week as you meander through stores for a little help in your home’s organization. I promise you won’t be disappointed.