Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I must give Thanks for this too?

“Even when the refrigerator is empty and we have company arriving and no more money in the grocery budget?”

Yes, my friends, even then must we offer absolute thanks to a great Big God who still cares for you.

Might He be using an empty fridge to stretch your faith a bit?IMG_2815

“Even when the cavities seem to pile high and co-pays can be a rough notch out of our finances?”

Then too can I give thanks!

Can I not see the good teeth and a great insurance for the first time in 7 years?

“Must I really give thanks amidst the piles of bills, papers and projects?”

Well, I too hate this part of responsibility. However, there is much I can thank the Lord for within the piles of paper and projects. I am blessed with a computer and a calculator that makes my job not as time-consuming.IMG_3289

“Do I have to give thanks for unexpected Emergency Care visits that could add a pretty hefty bill to our already growing stack?”

Yes! Give thanks, you will be glad that you did. As you begin thanking God for the tough times your joy will only increase! I am thankful this little man was not seriously hurt.IMG_3044

These are just a few of the not “so enjoyable” things that I MUST give thanks for. Only then have I begun to realize that all I have is a gift---a precious Gift of God! Might I never forget to thank Him for the “ugly” things too!

Count your gifts today, friends---and find thankfulness your first reaction to difficulties!